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Abandoned Property Policy For Repairs, Firearms Purchases, Firearms Transfers


* Once notified that the firearm is completed or has been received in the store, you the customer have 30 days to pick up the product.

* AFTER 30 days, you the customer will be assessed a $12/day storage fee until the firearm is picked up or the value of the firearm or cost of labor has been collected.

* Once storage fee exceeds the cost of labor and/or value of the firearm, then the firearm will be considered abandoned and will be put on the floor for resale. 

* It Is Your responsibility to be a responsible  firearms owner, therefore multiple attempts will not be made for pick up. This includes any and all receivers, any and all completed rifles, pistols, and any and ALL NFA items. 

This is in affect, and enforced dated July 2013 to present date. No excuses. 


Treat EVERY gun as if it's loaded.... AT ALL TIMES!Always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction!NEVER point your firearm at anything that you don't intend to shoot!Keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard until you're aiming at your target and ready to shoot!Always keep the safety in the "SAFE" [...]

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Owners Manual & Operating Procedures

In Guns We Trust LLC                                            Owner's Manual & Operating ProceduresTable of Contents:[1] Unloading and Clearing Your Rifle.[2]  Loading and Firing Your Rifle.[3] Disassembly Instructions.[4] Basic Care and Maintenance.       I. Upper Maintenance.    [...]

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5R Rifling

Some of the buzz in Rifledom this year involves what is called 5R rifling. As the name implies, it features five lands and five grooves (traditional rifling has had as few as two grooves and as many as 16, with the more common numbers being 4 and 6).Barrett "Boots" Obermeyer developed 5R rifling. He is [...]

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Clearing the 223 WYLDE Confusion

Clearing the Caliber Confusion: .223 Wylde vs. 5.56 NATOPosted on September 16, 2016 by AWCThough they share identical case dimensions, the .223 Remington and 5.56 NATO are slightly different—and the .223 Wylde makes the most of both of these loads.Brad FitzpatrickThe 5.56×45 NATO broke cover in 1957 as a military cartridge, and since that time [...]

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

ALL custom built AR15 firearms by IN GUNS WE TRUST LLC are covered by a one year warranty against defect in parts and workmanship. This warranty shall apply to any rifle/pistol that is NOT MODIFIED in any way except for work done by IN GUNS WE TRUST LLC. All rifle/pistols that have any parts removed [...]

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