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Abandoned Property Policy For Repairs, Firearms Purchases, Firearms Transfers


* Once notified that the firearm is completed or has been received in the store, you the customer have 30 days to pick up the product.

* AFTER 30 days, you the customer will be assessed a $12/day storage fee until the firearm is picked up or the value of the firearm or cost of labor has been collected.

* Once storage fee exceeds the cost of labor and/or value of the firearm, then the firearm will be considered abandoned and will be put on the floor for resale. 

* It Is Your responsibility to be a responsible  firearms owner, therefore multiple attempts will not be made for pick up. This includes any and all receivers, any and all completed rifles, pistols, and any and ALL NFA items. 

This is in affect, and enforced dated July 2013 to present date. No excuses.